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Board of Zoning Adjustment

Board Type: Exempt
Enabling Legislation:
Special Acts, Chapter 63-1716; Ordinance No. 91-10, effective May 30, 1991; Ordinance No. 2003-17, effective November 17, 2003; and Ordinance No. 2009-03, effective February 23, 2009.
Seven members, one to be appointed from each of the county commissioner's districts upon recommendation of the district commissioner; one to be appointed at large upon recommendation of the County Mayor. All nominations must be confirmed by the Board of County Commissioners.
Member Types:
  • 1 District 1 Representative
  • 1 District 2 Representative
  • 1 District 3 Representative
  • 1 District 4 Representative
  • 1 District 5 Representative
  • 1 District 6 Representative
  • 1 Mayor's Representative
Term Length: 2 Years
Term Of Office:
Ordinance No. 93-09, adopted April 20, 1993, revised the enabling legislation to provide that the terms of appointment to the Board of Zoning Adjustment shall expire on December 31 of even-numbered years or until their successors are chosen. A member of the Board of Zoning Adjustment shall not serve more than four consecutive terms. All appointments shall continue to be effective until their successors are chosen.Any member of the board of zoning adjustment may be removed from office for failure to regularly attend the meetings of the board of zoning adjustment without just cause, or for any other just cause, by a four-sevenths vote of the Board of County Commissioners; provided the member shall be entitled to a public hearing before such vote is taken. On November 11, 2003, the Board of County Commissioners adopted Ordinance No. 2003-17, which provides that if a newly-elected county commissioner's or county mayor's recommendation is confirmed by the Board of Commissioners prior to the December 31 of an even-numbered year, the incumbent member's term shall expire, and the newly-appointed member's term shall begin as of the date of confirmation by the Board of County Commissioners.
Powers and Duties:
A) To hear and make recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners from appeals taken from the requirement, decision or determination made by the Zoning Manager charged with enforcement of zoning regulations where it is alleged that there is an error in any order, requirement or decision of the Director in the enforcement of this zoning regulation. B) To hear and make recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners on such special exceptions as the Board of Zoning Adjustment is specifically authorized to vote on by the terms of the zoning regulations. C) To recommend to the Board of County Commissioners upon appeal in specific cases such variance from the terms of the zoning regulations as will not be contrary to the public interest where, owing to special conditions, a literal enforcement of the provisions of the zoning regulations would result in unnecessary hardship.
First Thursday of each month at 9:00 a.m., Board of County Commissioners Chambers, First Floor, County Administration Center, 201 S. Rosalind Avenue, Orlando, FL

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Contact Person:
Ted Kozak
Chief Planner
Zoning Division
(407) 836-5537
Financial disclosure is required.

Last Revised: 11/2/2022

Member Name Member Type Term Expires
John J. Drago District 2 Representative 12/31/2024
Ryan Grail District 5 Representative 12/31/2024
Thomas Alexander Moses District 1 Representative 12/31/2024
Deborah Lynn Moskowitz District 4 Representative 12/31/2024
Sonya Shakespeare District 6 Representative 12/31/2024
Juan F. Velez District 3 Representative 12/31/2024
Roberta Walton Johnson Mayor's Representative 12/31/2024

No vacancies at this time. Please check back later.

March 7, 2024

  • Agenda - 2024-03-07 BZA Agenda-R1.pdf

February 1, 2024

  • Agenda - 2024-02-01 BZA Agenda-3.pdf
  • Minutes - 2024-02-01 BZA Minutes-Draft.pdf (Draft)*

January 4, 2024

  • Agenda - 2024-01-04 BZA Agenda-1.pdf
  • Minutes - 2024-01-04 BZA Minutes-APPROVED.pdf

December 7, 2023

  • Agenda - 2023-12-07 BZA Agenda.pdf
  • Minutes - 12-07-2023 BZA Minutes-Approved.pdf

November 2, 2023

  • Agenda - 2023-11-02 BZA Agenda-3.pdf
  • Minutes - 11-02-2023 BZA Minutes.pdf

October 5, 2023

  • Agenda - 2023-10-05 BZA Agenda-2.pdf
  • Minutes - 2023-10-05 BZA Minutes.pdf

September 7, 2023

  • Agenda - 2023-09-07 BZA Agenda-2.pdf
  • Minutes - 2023-09-07 BZA Minutes-Approved.pdf

August 3, 2023

  • Agenda - 2023-08-03 BZA Agenda-5.pdf
  • Minutes - 2023-08-03 BZA Minutes-Approved.pdf

July 6, 2023

  • Agenda - 2023-07-06 BZA Agenda-6.pdf
  • Minutes - 2023-07-06 BZA Minutes-APPROVED.pdf

June 1, 2023

  • Agenda - 2023-06-01 BZA Agenda-4.pdf
  • Minutes - 2023-06-01 BZA Minutes-APPROVED.pdf

May 4, 2023

  • Agenda - 2023-05-04 BZA Agenda-Rev.7.pdf
  • Minutes - 2023-05-04 BZA Minutes-APPROVED.pdf

April 6, 2023

  • Agenda - 2023-04-06 BZA Agenda-Rev.4.pdf
  • Minutes - 2023-04-06 BZA Minutes-APPROVED.pdf

March 2, 2023

  • Agenda - 2023-03-02 BZA Agenda-3.pdf
  • Minutes - 2023-03-02 BZA Minutes-APPROVED.pdf

*This document is a draft and is provided as a courtesy. This document is not to be considered as the final minutes. All information contained herein is subject to change upon further review and approval by the appropriate agency/board/committee.