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Commission on Aging

Board Liaison: Rose Santiago

Board Type: Orange County
Enabling Legislation:
Resolution No. 2001-M-27 was adopted by the Board of County Commissioner on July 31, 2001. On May 13, 2008 the Board adopted Resolution No. 2008-M-15 which reduced the number of foundation representatives from two to one, added a voting slot for the chairman of the Commission on Aging's Cmmunity Partnership Committee, and added a non-voting slot for the chairman of the City of Orlando's Mayor's Committee on Aging. On May 6, 2014, the Board adopted Resolution 2014-M-19 decreasing the membership from 15 to 11 members.
Eleven members: eight representatives from among the following 10 categories with no more than two representatives from any one category: active caregiver, business, faith, health care, transportation, media/public relations, education, community foundation, veteran, and at large; one slot for the Chairman of the Commission on Aging¿s Community Partnership Committee (ex-officio, voting position); one slot for the Area on Aging Executive Director (ex-officio, non-voting); and one slot for the City of Orlando Mayor¿s Committee on Aging Chairman (ex-officio, non-voting).
Member Types:
  • 1 Area Agency on Aging Representative (non-voting)
  • 1 At Large Representative
  • 1 Business Representative
  • 1 Chairman of the City of Orlando's Mayor's Committee on Aging (non-voting)
  • 1 Chairman of the Community Partnerships Committee
  • 1 Education Representative
  • 1 Faith Representative
  • 2 Health Care Representative
  • 2 Media/Public Relations Representative
Term Length: 2 Years
Powers and Duties:
The Commission shall collect information and data on the needs of and services for elders, their families, and caregivers in Orange County; shall assist agencies in Orange County Government in assessing the needs and services related to elders, their families, and caregivers; shall analyze the elder-readiness of Orange County, including its services, businesses, and other matters as the Commission considers pertinent to the welfare of older adults, their families, and their caregivers; and shall submit to the Board of County Commissioner by March 1 of each year a plan of service for and behalf of elders, their families, and caregivers in Orange County.
Second Monday every other month at 8:30 a.m., Pine Hills Community Center, 6408 Jennings Road, Orlando, Florida

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Contact Person:
Mimi Reggentin
Program Manager
Office on Aging
(407) 836-6563

Last Revised: 1/4/2018

Member Name Member Type Term Expires
Crockett Bohannon At Large Representative 6/30/2018
Sandria Joan Foster Education Representative 6/30/2019
Edith A Gendron Chairman of the Community Partnerships Committee 6/30/2030
Kinda Haddad Media/Public Relations Representative 6/30/2019
Randall D. Hunt Area Agency on Aging Representative (non-voting) 6/30/2020
Aquasia U. Johnson McDowell Business Representative 6/30/2019
Augustin Martinez Faith Representative 6/30/2018
Carmel Munroe Health Care Representative 6/30/2018
Randiesa Spires Health Care Representative 6/30/2019
Dennis Lee Watson Media/Public Relations Representative 6/30/2019

No vacancies at this time. Please check back later.

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*This document is a draft and is provided as a courtesy. This document is not to be considered as the final minutes. All information contained herein is subject to change upon further review and approval by the appropriate agency/board/committee.