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I. CONSENT AGENDA Interoffice Memorand COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR ~E 1 CWy GOVERNMENT 'LOJ!.IDA December 3,2013 To: Mayor Teresa Jacobs -And- Board of County Commissioners :?:" From: Eric Gassman, Deputy County Administrar' Subject: Agreement for Public or Charitable of MLS Stadium Consent Agenda December 17,2013 On October 22, 2013, the Board of County Commissioners approved the Third Amendment to the [nterlocal Agreement with the City of Orlando for the constlUction ofthe new Major League Soccer Stadium, and additional funding for the new Performing Arts Center and Citrus Bowl renovations. Included in the approved Interlocal Agreement was an amendment to Section 6.14 to include the following additional condition precedent to the release of MLS Stadium Funds for the MLS Stadium: The City has entered into an agreement with the County allowing the Orange County Mayor and County Commissioners to each have the use of the MLS Stadium for one public purpose or charitable event per year by the County, the Mayor, Commissioner or charitable event sponsor without payment ofany use fee. Accordingly, County and City staff drafted an "Agreement for Public or Charitable Use," which. is consistent with the above requirements. Staff is recommending Board approval of this agreement. Action Requested: Approval of agreement for public or chal'itable use between Orange County, Florida and the City of Orlando, Florida regarding use of the MLS Stadium. Attachments C: Ajit Lalchandani, County Administrator Jeff Newlon, County Attorney Lila McHenry, Assistant County Attorney 21


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