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Interoffice l. CONSENT AGENDA COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR Affi^ STEM GOVERNMENT FLORIDA 7-) November 21, 2003 TO: Richard T. Crotty, County Chairman Board of County Commissioners /^- /" ^W- , FROM: Randy Singh. Manager, 0MB / o'^ r^-r-^.. C (^ SUBJECT: Consent Agenda Item for December 9, 2003 Law Enforcement Trust Fund Expenditure Sheriff's Office Request The Orange County Sheriff's Office is requesting to spend $31.500 from the Law Enforcement Trust Fund for the following purposes: Contributions 1. The Mustard Seed of Central Florida, Inc. - $1.000. The Mustard Seed of Central Florida, Inc. is dedicated to helping families who have been the victims of domestic violence and who are homeless by providing material goods and basic life necessities to help them rebuild their lives. The Mustard Seed of Central Florida, Inc. also helps to provide vital living skills for families in our community. 2. Central Florida YMCA Black/Hispanic Achievers Program - $5,000. This program is a structured network of activities and services designed to ignite interest and exposure to positive and productive career, college and other important life choices for our youth. The majority of all YMCA Teen Achiever activities are planned and facilitated by adult volunteers. These motivated, committed individuals unselfishly share their time and talents nurturing a positive sense of self-esteem among the many Teen Achievers. 3. Mental Health Association of Central Florida - $500. This association, as well as Partners in Crisis and the Central Receiving Center, works with law enforcement officers who respond to situations where individuals are committing crimes that may be a result of substance abuse or mental illness. Services are provided to help identify the problems and needs for those individuals to get needed help. The Mental Health Association of Central Florida also manages services for juveniles who have been identified through the Juvenile Court System in Orange County as having mental illness issues. 11

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