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FLORIDA Interoffice Memorand I. CONSENT AGENDA COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR 7 November 24,2010 TO: Mayor Richard T. Crotty and the Board of County Commissioners FROM: ~~'~I~~Chardson, Manager, Purchasing and Contracts !(/j{Jifisi~~~ CONTACT: Deodat Budhu, Manager, Roads and Drainage Division 836-7919 SUBJECT: Approval of Amendment 1, Contract YIO-134- Lot A, Fence Installation and Repair RECOMMENDATION Approval of Amendment 1, Contract YIO-134-Lot A, Fence Installation and Repair, with KMG Fence LLC, to add an estimated amount of $627,415 to Lot A of the contract for a revised total estimated contract amount of $1,605,930 for Lot A. The Roads and Drainage Division anticipates that the entire estimated contract amount will be ordered on an annual basis. PURPOSE To furnish, install and repair fencing throughout the County on an as-needed basis. The Roads and Drainage Division is the primary users of Lot A. DISCUSSION On December 15, 2009 the Board approved award of Contract Y1O-134 Lot A to KMG Fence, LLC for an estimate award amount of $978,515 for a I-year term contract, renewable for two additional I-year periods. The contract is at the end of its first year. Due to anticipated demand additional funding is needed to address a large number of projects scheduled by the Road & Drainage Division. Also, due to this increase, a new solicitation with revised estimates will be issued. The rates in this amendment are the same as those in the basic contract. 75


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