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HOUS I .  CONSENTAGENDA COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR 4 2211    EAST  HILLCREST  STREET ORLANDO ,  FLORIDA 328O3 TELEPHONE:  4O7-894-OO14 FAX : 407-897-6679 W.D. Morris Executive Director CONSENT AGENDA TO: FROM: CONTACT: DATE: SUBJECT: Richard Crotty, Orange County Mayor - and - Orange County Board of County Commi W.D. Morris, Executive Dir Orange County Housing Financ Mildred Guzman, Multi-Family'Program Administrator Orange County Housing Finance Authority 894-0014, Ext. 310 November 10, 2005 ORANGE    COUNTY    HOUSING    FINANCE    AUTHORITY   -     APPROVAL  AND EXECUTION   OF   THE   AUTHORIZING   RESOLUTION   FOR   THE   ISSUANCE   OF MULTIFAMILY HOUSING  REVENUE BONDS, OF THE PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT (THE KENSINGTON CLUB APARTMENTS), IN ORANGE COUNTY IN AN AMOUNT- NOT-TO EXCEED  $9,000,000. ORANGE COUNTY BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS  MEETING DECEMBER 06, 2005 - CONSENTAGENDA. The Tax Equity  and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982 ("TEFRA") created a requirement that all industrial development  bonds  issued  after December  31,  1982, for the  purpose  of financing  multifamily  housing developments    require   approval    by   the   Orange   County   Housing   Finance    Authority,   and   each governmental  unit having jurisdiction over the area in which the bond financed facility will be located. On November 02, 2005 the Orange County Housing Finance Authority's Board of Directors approved the inducement of the following proposed multi-family development located in Orange County. Project/Location Kensington Club Apartments Located on the northwest corner of the intersection  of South Goldenrod Road and Pershing Avenue, at 2840 South Goldenrod Road in Orlando, Orange County, Florida Commission District 4 Unit Size 120 Amount Not to Exceed $9,000,000 The  TEFRA hearing  for  Kensington  Club Apartments was held  on Thursday, August 25, 2005, at the Orange County Administration  Building, Third Floor, Conference Room "A" at 10:00 A.M.  The purpose of the  hearing was to  receive public comments  regarding the  issuance of Multi Family Housing Revenue Bonds for the above-mentioned  project. Board of Directors: B   David  A. Johnston,  Chairman m    Ann  Brown  Payne,   Vice-Chairman 22   Clemente   Cuevas *:  A/effery     A.   Stueve H   Barbara   Ashley-Jones

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