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TUESDAY. DECEMBER 6. 2005 I .   CONSENT AGENDA (Continued) B. COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR (Continued) 5. Approval  of the  Membership   and  Mission  Review  Board's  recommendations  for the following advisory board appointments/reappointments: (Agenda Development Office) Page 109-111 A. Affordable  Housing  Advisory  Board:     Appointment   of  David  Jason Plotkin to succeed Silvia Safille  Ibanez in the at large not actively engaged i n   affordable  housing  representative  category  with  a term  expiring  June 30,2007.  Page 112-113 B. Agricultural  Advisory  Board:  Reappointment  of  Fred  P.  Burnett  in the equine    industry   representative    category    and   Kathrein    Markle    in   the flowering    plant    industry    representative    category    with   terms   expiring December  31,  2007. Note:  Mr.  Monty Knox, who is currently serving in the at  large   category,   will  succeed   Karen  Jo  Watson   in  the   bedding   plant industry representative  category with a term  expiring December  31, 2007. Page 114-115 C. Animal   Services   Advisory   Board:   Appointment   of   Dr.   Christine   B. Cassidy  to  succeed   Dr.  Robert  Alan  Porter  in  the  veterinarian  category with a term  expiring December  31, 2007. Page 116-117 D. Building Codes Board of Adjustments and Appeals:  Reappointment of Donald  Graham  in the  structural  engineer  category,  Michael  Holloway  in the    plumbing    contractor    category,    Frank    Moynihan    in   the    master electrician   category,    Scott   Boyd   in   the    at   large   alternate    not   from disciplines  category,  and  Peggy   Patterson  in  the  mechanical   contractor category;  and the  appointment  of Michael Wallace Rodriguez  to  succeed Kha  Le-Huu   in the  architect  category  with  terms  expiring  December   31, 2007.     Note:   Mr.  Rodriguez   was  serving  in  the  at  large  alternate  from disciplines category.  Page 118-119 E. Children   and   Family   Services   Board:   Reappointment    of   Brian   R. Siemienas   and  Matthew   James  Fitzgibbon  in the  at  large   representative category;  the  appointment  of Richard  E.  Morrison  to succeed  Douglas  W. Milliard  in  the  at  large  representative  category;  and  the  appointment  of Dana   C.   Loncar   to   succeed    Joan   Harrington   Clayton   in  the   at   large representative    category    with    terms    expiring    December 31, 2007. Page 120-121 CONTINUED Page 2

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