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Mayor Richard T. Crotty -AMD- Board of County  Commissioners Consent Agenda  Item for December 6, 2005 November 10, 2005 Page 2 Expenditures: Account Number 5YL-8580-068-7680-3217 5YL-8580-068-7680-3219 5YK-8580-068-7680-3410 5YK-8550-068-7680-3420 5YK-8580-068-7680-3910 5YK-8580-068-7680-4030 5YK-8580-068-7680-4110 5YK-8580-068-7680-4115 5YK-8580-068-7680-4121 5YK-8580-068-7680-4123 5YK-8580-068-7680-4410 Classification Homeowner Down Pmt. Assistance Resident Rehab Construction Local Travel Out of County Travel Graphic Reproduction Service Training  Fees Office Supplies Inst Demo Mat & Supplies Compute < $1,000 Equipment Advertising Not Promotion TOTAL  EXPENDITURES Amount 540,000 3,670,643 800 2,700 2,500 1,500 4,100 3,250 8,000 4,750 3.000 $ 4.510.643 RS/PM/mc c: County Administrator Clerk of the Board of County Commissioners Finance File 18

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