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GOVERNMENT F L U     I D     A Interof I .  CONSENT  AGENDA ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES DEPARTMENT 3 REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT ITEM 3 DATE: TO: THROUGH: FROM: CONTACT PERSON: DIVISION/ SECTION: ACTION REQUESTED: PROJECT: PURPOSE: ITEMS: November  19, 2007 Mayor Richard T. Crotty and the Board of County Commissioners George Hart, Jr., Manager Real Estate Management Division Jose G. Oliveira, Acquisition Agent Real Estate Management  Division William K. Hurt, Jr., Assistant Manager Real Estate Management Acquisition Phone:   836-7087 APPROVAL AND EXECUTION BY THE MAYOR OF TERMINATION OF EASEMENTS BETWEEN ORANGE COUNTY AND FLORIDA POWER CORPORATION, DOING BUSINESS AS PROGRESS ENERGY FLORIDA, INC. AND APPROVAL OF UTILITY EASEMENT AND TEMPORARY CONSTRUCTION EASEMENT BETWEEN FLORIDA POWER CORPORATION,  DOING BUSINESS AS PROGRESS ENERGY FLORIDA, INC. AND ORANGE COUNTY AND AUTHORIZATION TO DISBURSE FUNDS TO PAY ALL RECORDING FEES AND RECORD  INSTRUMENTS Eastern Regional Water Supply Facility Wellfield  Expansion District 3 To provide for access, construction, operation, and maintenance of utility facilities. Termination  of Easements (Instrument   801.2/802.2/803.2/804.2/805.2/ 808.2/809.2/810.2/811.2/812.2/813.2  and 701.2/702.2/703.2/704.27 705.2/708.2/709.2/710.2/711.2/712.2/713.2) Revenue:   None Total size:  7.029 Acres 39

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