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Page 2 of4 Ratification of Contract Y6-604-NW of an MSBU and will provide support throughout the entire implementation process, if the MSBU is approved.   Included in the fixed fee proposal is a minimum of sixteen onsite visits for meetings with county project staff,  elected officials  and attendance at public hearings and community meetings. The special  assessment  creation process has various statutory deadlines  that must be met in order  to  implement  a  fire  MSBU  for  Orange  County for  the  08/09  fiscal  year.    The  first critical event is the Public Hearing for Notice of Intent Resolution, which must occur no later than  March  1, 2008.    Prior  to that  hearing,  the  consultant  must  have  analyzed  all of  the necessary  data sources,  identified the  full  cost  of services,  developed  initial apportionment methodologies  and possible  uses of fire assessment  fees and formally reported these back to the County.   Due to the fact that this project will ultimately have a direct bearing on public safety   and   will   require   tremendous   effort    from   the   consultant   and   staff,   the  normal procurement process did not allow time for the actions necessary  to begin these services in a timely manner.  Therefore, the project was determined to be an emergency requirement. The solicitation was issued on October  10, 2007, as a fast track project.  Three (3) proposals were received and this item was reviewed and approved by the Procurement Committee on November 7,2007.  Commissioner  Stewart was assigned to this Procurement  Committee. The  Procurement  Committee   evaluated  the  proposals   against  the  stated  criteria  and  the proposals  were evaluated as reflected in the attached consensus scores.   The third proposer, Public  Financial  Management,  received  a score  of  290,  which  is  not  sufficient  for Board consideration. 31

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