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TUESDAY, DECEMBER 4, 2007 I CONSENT AGENDA (Continued) C. ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES DEPARTMENT (Continued) 7. Approval    of   Utility    Easement   between   World    Gateway    Property    Owners' Association  and  Orange  County  and  authorization  to  record  instrument  for  The Cloisters  @  World   Gateway   Parcel  B -   Utility  File  #36547.   District  1.  (Real Estate Management Division) Page 47-48 8. Approval  of Water Main Easement between City  of Orlando,  Florida  and Orange County  and  authorization  to  disburse  check  to  pay  recording  fees  and  record instrument for SR  50 (SR436-SR417) Utilities Relocation.  District 3. (Real Estate Management Division) Page 49-50 D. COMMUNITY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES DEPARTMENT 1. Approval of a Crime  Prevention  Grant Award for Riverside Woods   Neighborhood Organization  as  recommended   by  the  Neighborhood  Grants  Advisory  Board  in the  total  amount   of  $3,626.37.  District  3  (Neighborhood  Services  Division) Page  51-54 2. Approval  of the  revised  2008  ReNEW  Grant  Program  criteria  as   recommended by   the   Neighborhood   Grants   Advisory   Board.   All   Districts   (Neighborhood Services Division) Page 55-65 3. Acceptance  of the  Restrictive  Covenant  between  Lighthouse Key Enterprise, LLC and  Orange  County,  Florida, for construction of a  semi-private  boat  dock for the sole  and  limited  purpose of satisfying the  requirements  of Section  15-344  of the Orange   County  Code.   District  1  (Environmental  Protection  Division)  Page 66-80 E. CONVENTION CENTER 1. Approval    to    accept    the    grant     award     from    the    Florida     Department     of Environmental    Protection,    Florida    Renewable     Energy    Technologies Grant Program in the amount of $1,393,190,  for the  installation of a photovoltaic system at the  Orange  County  Convention  Center,  and authorization for the  Mayor  or his designee  to execute the grant award  agreement upon  receipt.  Page   81-82 CONTINUED Page3

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