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GOVERNMENT F   L   O   R   I   D A Interoffice Memor I .  CONSENT AGENDA COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR 1 AGENDA ITEM November 16, 2007 TO: Mayo r Richard T. Grotty -AMD- Board of County  Commissioners FROM: Randy Singh, Manager, Office of Management and Budget SUBJECT: Consent Agenda Item for December 4, 2007 Law Enforcement Trust Fund Expenditure Orange County Sheriff's Office Request The  Orange  County  Sheriff's  Office  is  requesting  $51,358  from  the  Law Enforcement Trust Fund for the following purposes: Sheriff  Programs/Equipment Drug  Awareness Resistance  Education  (D.A.R.E.)  Supplies  -  $41,358. The  program consists  of  25 sergeants, corporals,  and  deputies  presenting the DARE curriculum to 8,500 fifth graders throughout Orange County. Contributions: 1. YMCA Family Centers -  $5,000.   These programs  provide  scholarships for  needy  children  within  the  Central  Florida  area who  cannot  afford to attend the YMCA programs and summer camps.  This is a key deterrent to juvenile   delinquency   and  drug  use  by  the  at-risk  children  of  Central Florida. These   programs   help   teach   them   positive    values   while developing healthy bodies, minds, and spirits. 2. Boy Scouts of  America, Central Florida Council - $5,000.   The Boy Scouts  of America's mission  is to  provide at-risk youth  who  desperately need guidance  and role models with a quality  scouting  program  that will enable them to recognize and reach their full potential  by making the right choices,  working  hard,  and opening  their eyes to possibilities of a more constructive  lifestyle. 12

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