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l. CONSENT AGENDA COUNTY SHERIFF 1 Interoffice , ~ORAKGICOUN1YSHIRIII'SOIIICI Visit our website: November 11, 2013 TO: Mayor Teresa Jacobs -AND- Board of County Commissioners FROM: Pat Danforth, Grants Coordinator Orange County Sheriffs Office SUBJECT: Florida Department of Law Enforcement FY13-14 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant CONSENT AGENDA ITEM 12/03/2013 The Florida Department of Law Enforcement acting as the pass-thru agency for the Justice Assistance Grants County-wide, has awarded the Orange County Board of County Commissioners a grant in the amount of $159,864 that requires no matching funds. The grant period is October 1, 2013 through September 30, 2014. Advanced Ordnance Recognition, No. 2014-JAGC-ORAN-13-E5-154 - funding will provide advanced training for the Hazardous Devices Team (HOT) in the area of military ordnance recognition. ($25,000) Shotgun Project, No. 2014-JAGC-ORAN-14-E5-090 - funding will be used to purchase rifles. ($18,867) Project Safe Operations, No. 2014-JAGC-ORAN-15-E5-144 - funds will be utilized to purchase electronic surveillance devices (repeaters, audio monitors and software) for the Street Crimes Section. ($21,890) Education, Awareness & Training, No. 2014-JAGC-ORAN-11-E5-187 -equipment /supplies wilf be purchased to further improve and expand the capabilities of the Crime Prevention Unit's on-going mission of public education, awareness, and training. (tables, hand carts, tripod screens, display boards, megaphones, brochure displays) ($41,632) Aero Computer Project, No. 2014-JAGC-ORAN-16-E5-143 - funding will be used to purchase a mapping system to aide in the safety of deputies responding to possible high incident calls for service; and provide pin point accuracy for location of calls. ($52,475) 76


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