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TUESDAY. NOVEMBER 14. 2006 I .   CONSENT AGENDA (Continued) B. COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR 1. Approval  of  budget   amendments  07-03,  07-04,  07-05,  and  07-06.  (Office   of Management and Budget)  Page 31-38 2. Approval   of   budget   transfers  07-0622,   07-0631,   and   06-2022.   (Office   of Management and Budget) Page 39-42 3. Approval of  CIP  amendments  06-9260  and  06-9262.  (Office  of  Management and Budget) Page 43-45 4. Approval  of the  Membership  and  Mission Review  Board's  recommendations for the following advisory board appointments/reappointments: (Agenda Development Office) Page 46-47 A. Animal Services  Advisory Board:  Reappointmentof Kimberly  J.  Dewolf- Arguilla   the   at   large   representative   category   with   a   term   expiring December  31, 2008. Page 48 B. Children  and  Family Services Board: Appointment of Awilda  Roman to succeed Breezi K. Stanislaus  in the at large  representative  category wjth a term expiring December  31, 2008. Page 49-50 C. Housing  Finance Authority:  Appointment   of  Walter  F.  Maguire  in the labor  industry  representative  category  with  a term  expiring  December  31, 2008. Page  51-52 D. M/WBE Advisory  Committee:  Appointment  of Dr.  Rupert  Fitzroy  Garvin to  succeed   Neil  P.  Wu  and  Maria   Santamaria  Wells  to  succeed   Peggy Patterson  in the  at large  representative  category  with terms expiring June 30, 2007. Page 53-54 E. Orange County Enterprise Zone Development  Agency: Appointment of Mercerdese   R.  Clark  in the  area  resident  representative  category  with  a term expiring June 30, 2009. Page 55-56 5. Approval  and  execution  of the  authorizing  resolution approving the  issuance of an  additional $1,000,000 of multifamily housing revenue  bonds for the proposed development  of Marbella  Pointe  to  increase  the  bonds amount from $9,000,000 t o  $10,000,000. (Orange County Housing Finance Authority) Page 57-103 CONTINUED Page 2

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