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FY-05/06 Department: REQUEST FOR AMENDMENT TO 5 YEAR CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS  PROGRAM Corrections Third Courtroom at Jail Amendment  No.: Date Approved: BGEX Reference: 06C-9270 10/31/06 06C-9270 FUND    PROJECT* 1248 1248 0475 4019 PROJECT TITLE Reserves Third Courtroom at Jail AMENDMENT  TOTAL FROM $ 190,00 0 $ 190,00 0 TO $ 190,00 0 $ 190,000 Project Current Future ID/Org Prior Years Budget Years Total Project 4019 139,754 2,785,246 2,925,000 Current Budget Future Years 2,785,246 Total Project 2,925,000 This CIP amendment is necessary to provide sufficient funding to pay remaining courtroom construction bills for FY 05-06.  Funding was originally established using commercial paper,  but funding is now available in the Court Facilities fund, which will reduce the amount of debt required for this project.  This amendment does not affect project cost. Original on file DEPARTMENT MANAGER ENT & BUDGET 22

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