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REQUEST FOR AMENDMENT TO 5 YEAR CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS PROGRAM Department: Fire Rescue Station #57 Amendment No.: Date Approved: 07C-9122 10/31/06 Project Information AGENDA  ITEM FUND 1046 1046 PROJECT # 0476 0705 PROJECT TITLE Provision for Rebudget Fire Station #57 AMENDMENT TOTAL FROM $ 20,84 6 $ 20,84 6 TO $ 20,84 6 $ 20,84 6 Project ID/Org Project Amount Prior To This Amendment Current Future Prior Years Budge t Years Total Project Revised Project Amount Future Current Budget Years Tota l Project 0705 176,740 73,260 250,000 20,846 52,414 250,000 Description/Justification: This CIP amendment is necessary to transfer funds from Provision for Rebudgetsto the Fire Station #57 project, as dictated by the timing of the project and availability of new funding in the current fiscal year. Funds included in this amendment were budgeted, but not expended in the previous fiscal year and will not increase the total project cost. Original on file DEPARTMENT MANAGER NAGEMENT & BUDGET

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