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BUDGET TRANSFER REQUEST AGENDA 06-2006 FUND NO 0001 DEPARTMENT(S) To be assigned by OMB) COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR DATE: BCC me 10/31/06 Request the following transfer be made for the reason(s) stated: pg of NO. TITLE NO. TITLE NO. TITLE NO. TITLE NO. TITLE NO. TITLE NO. TITLE NO. TITLE NO. TITLE AGENCY 023 006 006 ORGANIZATION 0475 RESERVES 0126 SHERIFF-LAW ENFORCEMENT 0125 SHERIFF-BAILIFF OBJECT 9510 RESERVE FOR CONTINGENCY 3146 COMMISSIONS AND FEES SHERIFFS 3146 COMMISSIONS AND FEES SHERIFFS APPR MPB ECB ECA TOTAL: AMOUNT FROM $ 647,440 $ 647,440 AMOUNT TO $ 610,64 3 36,797 $ 647,440 JUSTIFICATION (to be completed by OMB): Thi  s budget transfer is necessary to cover the  FY 05-06 partial payroll accrual for the Sheriff's Office.  The proposed accrual does not increase the dollar amount actually disbursed to the Sheriffs office. REQUESTED BY:     Original on file RECOMMENDED BY: (Department Manager) (County Comptroller) APPROVED / DISAPPROVED Board of County Commissioners / County Administrator: REQUESTING DEPARTMENT:   FORWARD ENTIRE SET TO THE OFFICE OF MANAGEMENT AND BUDGET DISTRIBUTION AFTER APPROVAL:    WHITE - FISCAL;  GREEN - FINANCE;  GOLD - OMB; YELLOW - OMB;  PINK - REQUESTINGDEPARTMENT 19

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