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TUESDAY. OCTOBER 27. 2009 I CONSEN T AGENDA  (Continued) B. COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR 1. Approval to  disburse  CRA   funds  totaling  $28,075,733  to  Orange  County's  15 Community  Redevelopment   Agencies.   (Office   of  Management   and   Budget) Page 56-58 2. Approval  of budget  amendment #10-14.  (Office  of Management and Budget) Page 59-60 3. Approval of  budget  transfer  #10C-014.  (Office   of  Management   and   Budget) Page 61 -62 4. Approval to  award  Invitation  for  Bids Y9-1085-GJ,  Head  Start  Child  Care Food Program, to the  low responsive and  responsiblebidder, G.A. Food Service, Inc.for a  1-year term. The  estimated contract award amount is $1,427,925.96. ([Health and Family  Services  Department   Head   Start  Division]  Purchasing   and  Contracts Division) Page 63-64 5. Approval to award  Invitation  for Bids Y9-781-J2,   Riverside Pond Improvements,  to the low responsive and responsible  bidder, Emerald Utilities and Site Development, Inc. The  estimated contract award amount is $257,240. ([PublicWorks Department Highway Construction Division] Purchasing and Contracts  Division)  Page 65-72 6. Approvalto award  Invitation for  Bids Y9-799-EZ,   Kelly  Park Sewer Conversion, to the  low responsive and  responsible bidder, Meyer DevelopmentServices, Inc. The estimated  contract  award  amount  is  $156,544.  ([Community  and  Environmental Services  Department  Parks and  Recreation  Division] Purchasing  and  Contracts Division) Page 73-80 7. Approval to award  Invitation for Bids Y10-110-PD,   Biosolids Management -  South Water   Reclamation   Facility,  to  the   low  responsive  and  responsible   bidder,   T. Wayne  Hill  Trucking, Inc.,for  a  1-year  term.  The  estimated contract  amount  is $732,250.   ([Utilities   Department   Water   Reclamation  Division]  Purchasing   and Contracts  Division) Page 81-86 8. Approval to  award  Invitation  for  Bids  Y10-112-DG,   Paper  Products  for Orange County  Convention Center,  to  the  low  responsive  and  responsible  bidder,  Dade Paper  Co.  for  a  1-year  term.  The  estimated contract award  amount is $497,560. ([Convention Center] Purchasing and Contracts  Division) Page 87-91 9. Approval  to   award   Invitation   for   Bids   Y10-700-CH,    Zellwood  Area  Sidewalk Improvements   (Mohawk   Drive   and    Holly   Street),  to  the   low  responsive   and responsible bidder, Tony's Construction, Inc. The estimatedcontract award amount i s    $286,788.    ([Public   Works   Department   Public  Works   Engineering   Division] Purchasing and Contracts Division) Page  92-100 CONTINUED Page 2

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