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I. CONSENT AGENDA COUNTY COMPTROLLER 1-4 OFFICE OF THE COMPTROLLER ORANGE MARTHA O. HAYNIE, CPA County Comptroller COUNTY 201 South Rosalind Avenue Post Office Box 38 FLORIDA Orlando, FL 32802 Telephone: 407-836-5690 Fax: 407-836-5599 COUNTY COMMISSION AGENDA Tuesday,October21,2014 COUNTY COMPTROLLER Items Requiring Consent Approval 1. Approval of the minutes of the September 4, 2014, meeting of the Board of County Commissioners. 2. Approval of the check register authorizing the most recently disbursed County funds, having been certified that same have not been drawn on overexpended account~. Signature authorization and accompanying detail of most recently disbursed County funds are available in the Clerk's Office and on the Comptroller's web sit~. 3. Disposition of Tangible Personal Property Approval is requested of the following: a. To dispose of an asset that was totaled by our Third Party Administrator for its salvage value. b. To scrap assets. c. To trade assets for allowance toward purchase of new equipment. d To abandon assets. e. To trade assets for credit toward the lease of a non-capital asset. f. To return expired leased asset to vendor. 4. Board approval is requested to dispose of records held by the Comptroller in accordance with record retention schedules (GS1-SL and GS 11) as approved by the State of Florida, Bureau of Archives, and Records Management. Section 28.31, Florida Statutes requires Board approval to dispose of records maintained for the BCC. Records of importance are microfilmed archived prior to destruction of the paper version. 1 1


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