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BUDGET TRANSFER REQUEST CONTROL NO 05C-9002 (To be assigned by 0MB) BCC me FUND NO 1023 DEPARTMENT(S) Health & Family Services DATE 10/19/04 Request the following transfer be made for the reason(s) stated P9 1 of NO TITLE NO TITLE NO TITLE NO TITLE NO TITLE NO TITLE AGENCY 023 062 ORGANIZATION 0476 Provision for Rebudgets 2581 Cemeteries Improvement OBJECT 9550 Reserves-Future Capital Outlay 6310 Struct and Fac Oth Th BIdqs APPR R5F HBW TOTAL AMOUNT FROIV $ 210,667 $ 210,667 AMOUNT TO $ 210,667 $ 210,667 This budget transfer is necessary to rebudget funds for the cemetery improvement project. Although traditionally done in January, due to the project schedule, these funds need to be rebudgeted as soon as possible to increase the efficiency and cost effectiveness of the project Once rebudgeted the project can continue and be completed in a timely fashion Total project cost is not affected REQUESTED BY Original on file RECOMMENDED BY (Department Manager) ^^, .gj --.awy v—g" ¥l>' Office of Managemero&Budget (County Comptroller) APPROVED / DISAPPROVED Board of County Commissioners / County Administrator REQUESTING DEPARTMENT FORWARD ENTIRE SET TO THE OFFICE OF MANAGEMENT AND BUDGET DISTRIBUTION AFTER APPROVAL WHITE-FISCAL, GREEN-FINANCE, GOLD - 0MB, YELLOW - 0MB, PINK - REQUESTING DEPARTMENT 55

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