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IBAGENDA Orange County Government Board of County Commissioners 201 South Rosalind Avenue County Commission Chambers •1st Floor County Administration Center TUESDAY, OCTOBER 19, 2004 MEETING STARTS AT 9:00 a.m. Invocation—County Chairman Pledge of Allegiance Presentation of proclamation designating the week of October 23 through October 31 as "Red Ribbon Week" Presentation of Proclamation designating the month of October as "Arts and Humanities Month" I. CONSENT AGENDA A. COUNTY COMPTROLLER 1. Authorization for execution by the Chairman of the Agreement for the MSTU/BU for Watermill. The purpose of the Agreement is for the approved Watermill MSTU/BU for reimbursable common area maintenance. (Administrative/Fiscal) Page 10-25 B. COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR 1. Approval for the Sheriff's Office to spend $16,800 from the Law Enforcement Trust Fund to provide eligible contributions to Majicity Foundation, Inc. ($200). U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps ($500), Frontline Outreach Program ($1,000), Families Against Drugs ($1,000), Kids Games Orlando 2004 ($1,000), Lighthouse of Deliverance Ministries ($1,000), National Alliance for the Mentally III ($1,000), National Association for the Advancement of Colored People ($2,000), Florida Sheriffs' Youth Ranches-"Harmony in the Streets" Program ($4,100), and Central Florida Boy Scouts of America ($5,000). (Office of Management and Budget) Page 26-49 2. Approval of Budget Amendment 04-82 and, approval to process interfund transfers on an as-needed basis to meet cash flow requirements. (Office of Management and Budget) Page 50-52 3. Approval of Budget Transfers 04C-9258 and 05C-9002. (Office of Management and Budget) Page 53-55 4. Approval of CIP Amendments 04C-9256, 04C-9258, and 05C-9002. (Office of Management and Budget) Page 56-59 CONTINUED

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