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GOVERNMENT F   L   O   R   I   D A Deputy County Attorney Joel D. Prinsell Senior Assistant   County Attorneys Joseph L. Passiatore Robert D. Guthrie Assistant   County Attorneys Linda Brehmer Lanosa Richard Coaxum, Jr. Anthony J. Cotter P. Andrea DeLoach George  L. Dorset! Wanzo Galloway, Jr. Gary M. Glassman Charles J. Hawkins, H Katherine M. Lockett John P. Lowndes Lila  I. McHenry Vivien J. Monaco James A. Moreland Michele R. Plante Lynn P. Porter-Carlton Rebecca S. Smith Legal  Administrative Supervisor Anna M.  Caban Sr. Paralegal John P. Dougherty Paralegals Kimberly Cundiff Joann Darnell, CLA COUNTY ATTORNEY THOMAS B. DRAGE 201 South Rosalind Avenue - 3 Reply To:Post Office Box 1393 Orlando, Florida 32802-1393 407-836-7320 • Fax 407-836-5888 I .  CONSENT AGENDA COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR 3 MEMORANDUM TO: Richard T. Crotty, Orange County Mayor and Board of County Commissioners FROM: Charles J. Hawkins, II, Assistant County Attorney DATE: October 5, 2005 RE: Agenda  Item-Consent   Report;  Approval  of  a  resolution  approving  or denying the transfer of Adelphia  Communications' ("Adelphia") Orange County   cable   franchise   to   Comcast    Communications    ("Comcast"); Approval   of  Franchise   Transfer  Agreement  between   Adelphia,   Time Warner Cable, Comcast, and Orange County This is to request  Board  consideration  of the attached  resolution, which  would either  approve  or deny the transfer of Adelphia  Communications' ("Adelphia") Orange County  cable  franchise  to  Comcast  Communications  ("Comcast"). Pursuant  to  this transfer,   Comcast   would   acquire  the  Adelphia   system   and   subscribers   in   Orange County. With respect  to background, Adelphia  filed  a petition for reorganization under Chapter   11  of  the  U.S. Bankruptcy  Code  on  June  25,  2002.     On  April  21,  2005, Adelphia   reached   definitive  agreements  for  Time  Warner  and  Comcast  to   acquire substantially  all of Adelphia's  assets  in the United  States.     Adelphia's  Orange County cable franchise is one of those acquisitions. The Federal Communications Commission ("FCC") requires Orange County to act  on this  transfer  request  within  120 days  of  Orange  County's receipt  of Adelphia's FCC Form 394 or the transfer  application is deemed automatically approved. This time period  expires  on October  14, 2005.   The County  Attorney's  Office  and Leibowitz  & Associates,  P.A.,  our  cable  counsel,  have  reviewed  the  Form  394  and  other  relevant financial,  legal  and technical  information regarding this transfer and the documentation and have  determined that the County should require  certain  assurances  and  guarantees from  the  proposed   transferee  prior  to  granting  approval  to  the  transfer   application. Accordingly,   the   attached   resolution   reflects   "approval"   of  the  transaction   if   the applicants  agree  to  execute  the  attached  Franchise  Transfer  Agreement  and  requires "denial"  should  said  agreement  not  be  agreed  upon.  Notwithstanding  the  status  of negotiations  with respect to the Transfer Agreement, it is in the County's interest to take action to grant or deny in order to avoid automatic approval. 37

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