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GOVERNMENT F   L   O   R   I   D A HUMAN   RESOURCES   D J. RICARDO  DAYE,  Dire 450 East South Street, 2nd Floor •Re] (407) 836-5661 • FAX (407) 836-53C I .  CONSENT AGENDA COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR 2 S02-1393 Date: To: From: Contact: Subject: September 26, 2005 Richard Grotty, County Mayor sarcLof County Commissioners Daye, Manage?? Human Resources Division Pati Giambarberee Human ResourcesAdministrator 407-836-5828 CONSENT AGENDA - October 11, 2005 COLLECTIVE BARGAINING AGREEMENT, Laborers' International Union of North America, Local 517 The County's negotiation  team and the Laborers' International Union of  North America, Local 517 (LIUNA) have reached concurrence on a collective bargaining agreement.  The attached  Bargaining  Unit  Agreement represents  a three  (3)  year  agreement  between LIUNA and Orange County with an expiration date of September 30, 2008.    A  ratification vote  was  held  on  Thursday,  September  29,  2005  with  the  members  approving  the Bargaining Unit Agreement. Implementation of salary and structure adjustments is planned for the first full pay period in October 2005. Redassifications within the contract will be effective October 23, 2005. A change to the current contract includes Article 25 - Wages.  The LIUNA Bargaining Unit shall  receive a 4% annual salary  increase  in the first  two years of the contract.   This increase includes an adjustment of 2% to the LIUNA pay ranges as deemed appropriate by market surveys.  In year three of the contract, Bargaining Unit employees will receive the same pay adjustment as Orange County non-bargaining  unit employees as approved by the Board of County Commissioners. An  additional  change  to the  contract  is the inclusion of the nine  (9)  part-time  Rigger Technicians employed at the Convention  Center.    The revisions to the contract allow the Rigger Technicians to receivethe same benefits as other part-time countyemployees. Your offices will be contacted to schedule a briefing on this agenda item. Action Requested: Board of County Commissioners' approval of: The   Laborers'   International   Union   of   North  America,  Local  517 Collective  Bargaining   Agreement for  Fiscal  Years  2005/06  through 2007/08. Attachment c: Aji t Lalchandani, County Administrator Sharon Donoghue, Deputy County Administrator Pati Giambarberee, HRAdministrator, Human Resources 27

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