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I . CONSENT AGENDA Interoffice Memor; COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR 1 AGENDA   ITEM GOVERNMENT F   L   O   R   I   D A September  29, 2005 TO: Mayor Richard T. Grotty -AND- Board of County Commissioners FROM: Randy  Singh, Manager, Office  of Management & Budget (OMB) SUBJECT: Consent Agenda Item for October 11, 2005 Service Funding Agreements 1.    Orange County and Seniors First, Inc. 2.    Orange County and Orange County Bar Association, Inc.- Citizen Dispute Settlement  Mediation Program 3.    Orange County and Legal Aid Society Attached  for  approval  and execution  are the  FY 2005-06  service funding  agreements  between  Orange County  and  Seniors  First, Inc., in the  amount of $108,000,  Orange  County and the  Orange  County  Bar Association,  Inc. -  Citizen  Dispute Settlement Mediation Program in the amount of $113,440,  and Orange County  and the Legal Aid Society in the amount of $723,779.  The associated budgets were approved on September  22, 2005 during  the FY 2005-06 final  budget public  hearing.    As  required  by Article  V of the State  Constitution,   the  Chief  Judge  has  identified  these  programs  as  local  requirements   of  the  Ninth Judicial Circuit Court. Seniors   First,  Inc., is  a  non-profit  social  services  organization  that  serves  the  public  interest  needs  of Orange  County senior  citizens with legal  guardianship for elderly  clients  who have been legally  declared unable to care for themselves. The  Orange  County  Bar Association,  through  its Citizen  Dispute  Mediation  Program services,  mediates disputes, which may involve but are not limited  to landlord/tenant issues,  recovery of money or property, neighborhood  complaints, consumer disputes, and minor criminal issues. Since   1961,  the   Legal   Aid   Society,   in   partnership   with   local   attorneys,   has   provided   civil   legal representation   and access to the courts for low-income  residents, the working  poor,  children,  and  other disadvantaged groups with special legal needs who reside in Orange  County. ACTION REQUESTED: Approval and execution of Service Funding  Agreements between  Orange County    and    Seniors    First,    Inc.   ($108,000),     Orange    County     Bar Association,    Inc.  -    Citizen    Dispute    Settlement    Mediation    Program ($113,440), and the Legal Aid Society ($723,779). NOTE TO THE CLERK:    Please  return  one  copy  of this  memorandum  and  an original  executed copy  of  each service funding  agreement to  OMB  upon  approval  by the BCC. RS/EM/mc Attachments c:  Sharon Donoghue, Deputy County Administrator Eric Gassman, Director of Fiscal Management 11

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