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AGENDA Orange County Government •  Board of County Commissioners • 201 South Rosalind  Avenue County Commission Chambers • 1stFloor • County Administration Center TUESDAY. OCTOBER 11. 2005 MEETING STARTS AT 9:00   a.m. Invocation -  District6 Pledge of Allegiance Presentation of Red Ribbon Week proclamation I .   CONSENT AGENDA A. COUNTY COMPTROLLER 1. Approval  of  the  minutes  of  the  September   13,  2005,  meeting  of  the  Board  of County Commissioners.  (Clerk's Office)  Page 10 2. Request  to  correct the  minutes  of April  27,  2004,  as  approved  by the  Board of County   Commissioners   on  May  25,  2004,  regarding  the  vote  on  the  motion amending  the  main  motion  to  adopt  the  Road   Impact  Fee   Ordinance.     This correction    will   reflect   the   NO   votes   on   the   amending    motion   as   follows: Commissioners  Jacobs  and  Stewart  (not  Commissioners  Sindler  and  Stewart). (Clerk's Office) Page 10 B. COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR 1. Approval and  execution  of  service funding agreement  between  Orange  County and   Seniors   First,   Inc.  ($108,000),   Orange   County  Bar Association,  Inc.     - Citizens  Dispute  Settlement  Mediation  Program  ($113,440),  and  the  Legal Aid Society ($723,779). (Office of Management and Budget) Page   11-26 2. Approval  of  the   Laborers'   International   Union   of   North  America,   Local   517 Collective   Bargaining   Agreement   for  Fiscal   Years   2005/06  through  2007/08. (Human Resources Division) Page 27-36 3. Approval    of   a    resolution    approving    or   denying    the   transfer    of    Adelphia Communications'  Orange  County  cable  franchise  to  Comcast  Communications; and approval of franchise transfer agreement between Adelphia Communications,   Time   Water   Cable,   Comcast   Communications,  and   Orange County. (Communications Division) Page  37-51 CONTINUED

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