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CferiY GOVERXMEXT I I II K I 1)    A AGENDA  DEVEIX ' -CONSENT AGENDA 201  Smll,  KosaHnd Avcmu COUNT Y  ADMINISTRATOR 407-8,"M>-542<> • K\X 407-8: September 19, 2006 TO: Mayo r Richard T. Grotty -AND- Board of County  Commissioners THRU: Barbara C. Chasteen, Supervisor-f^ Agenda Development  Office ~^ FROM: Chery l J. Gillespie, Advisory BoardCoordinator Agenda Development Office SUBJECT:  Membership and Mission Review Board Recommendations CONSENT AGENDA ITEM OCTOBER 10, 2006 1. At  its  September   15,  2006  meeting,   the  Membership   and  Mission Review  Board approved  recommending  the  following  advisory board appointments/reappointments: A. Healt h  Council  of  East  Central  Florida:  Reappointment  of Peter  D.  Clarke  in  the  health  care  purchaser  category with a term expiring September 30, 2008. B. MetroPla n Orlando Citizens ' Advisor y Committee: Appointment    of   Kristopher    Robert   Phillips   to   succeed  Jan Tunnell  in  the  Orange  County  representative  category with a term expiring December 31, 2009. C. Nuisance Abatement Board: Appointment  of Michael  Tiemey t o  succeed Joseph  Conrad Saviak in the at large  representative category with a term expiring January 1, 2008. D. Orang e  Blossom Trail  Development Board:  Appointment of Laura P. Guitar to succeed John J. Davis in the Orange County representative category with a term expiring January 14, 2010. E. Orang e   County   Enterprise   Zone   Development   Agency: Appointment    of    Robert    L.    Burns    to    succeed    Herbert Aguirresaenz  in the  local chamber of commerce representative category with a term expiring June 30, 2008. F. Urba n Design Commission: Appointment of Oscar E. Duarte to succeed   David   Allen   Perry   in   the   at   large   representative category with a term expiring December 31, 2007. ?A

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