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TUESDAY. OCTOBER 7. 2008 ' •  CONSEN T AGENDA (Continued) B. COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR (Continued) 10. Approval of the  Membership  and  Mission  Review  Board's recommendations  for the following advisory board appointments/reappointments: (Agenda Development Office)  Page  304-3Z3 A. Affordable   Housing Advisory  Board: Appointment of Patricia  Rumph in the   essential   services   personnel   representative   category   with   a   term expiring June 30, 2009.  Page 306-307 B. Agricultural Advisory   Board: Appointment  of William  Keith  O'Dell in the lawn  spraymen/pest  control representative  category  with  a  term  expiring December  31, 2008. Page 308-309 C. Commission   on   Aging:   Appointment   of   Suzie    Wagner    Millsap   to succeed   Dr.  Karen  E.  Dennis   in  the  education  representative  category with a term expiring June 30, 2009. Page 310-312 D. Health  Council   of   East   Central  Florida:   Appointment   of   Anne  H. Bradner  in  the  health  care  provider  category  and  Syd  McCallister  to succeed Peter D. Clarke in the health care purchaser category with terms expiring September 30, 2010.  Page 313-314 E. MetroPlan  Orlando  Citizens'  Advisory   Committee:     Appointment  of Kenneth  J.  Dwyer,  II  to  succeed  Christina  Decastro  and  Kathryn C. "Kit" Pepper   to   succeed   Sherry   Priester   Paramore    in  the   Orange   County representative  category  with  terms  expiring  December   31,  2009.  Page 315-316 F. Nuisance Abatement Board: Appointment  of Brandy A.  Cole  to succeed Bertina  Nancy  I.  Busch in the  at  large  representative category with a term expiring January 1, 2010.  Page 317-318 G. Orange County Enterprise Zone Development Agency: Appointment of Mike    Rhodes   to   succeed    Robert    P.   Spivey,   Jr.   in   the    local   code enforcement  agency representative  category with a term expiring June  30, 2012.  Page 319-320 H. Orange County Research and Development Authority:  Reappointment of Vanessa A.  Littleton  in the  Orange  County representative category  with a term expiring August 24, 2012.  Page 321 I Parks    and    Recreation   Advisory   Board:   Appointment    of   Rick   V. Baldocchi   to   succeed   Thomas   G.   Lochrane   in  the    bicycle/pedestrian representative  (engineer   or architect)  category  with  a term  expiring June 30,2010.  Page 322-323 CONTINUED Page 3

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