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Interoffice  Memoran GOVERNMENT F    L    O    R    I    D A I .  CONSENT AGENDA COUNTY  ADMINISTRATOR 9 DATE: TO: FROM: CONTACT: PHONE: SUBJECT: September 25, 2008 Richard T. Crotty, Orange County Mayor Board of County Commissioners George Director, Office of Economic, Trade and Tourism Development George Rodon 407-836-7370 10/07/2008 Consent Agenda Approval of Agreements between Orange County and the Economic Development  Commission of Mid-Florida, Inc. The FY 2008-2009 Orange County budget provides for  $782,578.00 to support the efforts of the Economic Development Commission of Mid-Florida, Inc.  ("EDC"). This amount represents the same contribution as in FY 2007-2008, and a 25% reduction compared to FY 2006-2007. A Master Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions of the County's contribution t o  the EDC. Objectives and strategies are set forth in the EDC "2008-2009 Strategic Plan and Budget," which is incorporated into the Master Agreement as Exhibit "A." A  second  agreement  has  also  been  prepared  with  respect  to  the  EDC's  role in servicing the Orange County Industrial Development Authority. Both  of these agreements  have been  reviewed  by the  Orange County Attorney's Office. ACTIONS REQUESTED: Approval    of:    a)    the    Economic    Development Commission   of   Mid-Florida,   Inc.   FY  2008-2009 Master Agreement with Orange County, and b) the Economic     Development    Commission    of    Mid- Florida,  Inc. FY 2008-2009 Agreement with Orange County   to   service   an   Industrial    Development Authority. Attachments 252

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