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Lowndes I .  CONSENT AGENDA COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR 8 Dosterf^v x^ ~% ~ MICHAEL A. RYAN DIRECT DIAL:407-418-6355 NORTH EOLA  DRIVE OFFICE POST OFFICE Box  2809 T/^riy-» fYYT | ^k)  ORLANDO ,  FLORIDA 32802-2809 Reed, PA. A   T   T   O   R   N   E   Y   S ""i *MERITAS LAW  FIRMS WORLDWIDE A  T L  A W September 22, 2008 VIA HAND DELIVERY Mayor  Richard T. Crotty Orange County Board of County Commissioners Orange County Administration Center 201 S. Rosalind Avenue, 5th Floor Orlando, Florida  32801 Re: Approval of A  RESOLUTION  of the Board of County  Commissioners of Orange County, Florida approving the issuance by the Orange County Health Facilities Authority of its Hospital Revenue Bonds (Orlando Health, Inc.), in one or more series and in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed $200,000,000 and the loan of the  proceeds  thereof  to  Orlando  Health,  Inc.,  a Florida  not-for-profit corporation. Dear Mayor Crotty: The Orange County Health Facilities  Authority (the "Authority") respectfully requests that the Board  of  County  Commissioners  approve,  solely  for  TEFRA  purposes,  the  following  item  on  the Consent Agenda: A  RESOLUTION  of  the  Board  of  County  Commissioners   of  Orange  County,  Florida approving the issuance of Orange County Health Facilities Authority health facility fixed rate revenue and refunding bonds (Orlando Health, Inc.), Series 2008H, in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed  $200,000,000. For the Board's  convenience,  we have enclosed  the proposed  Orange  County Resolution. We have  transmitted  a  copy  of  the  proposed  Resolution  to  the  County  Attorneys'   Office   for  review, comments and any revisions that they may have. As you are probably aware, approval by the Board of a bond issue involving an Orange County project is required by the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended.  The Authority held the required public hearing for these Bonds on September 22, 2008.  A copy of the Publisher's Affidavit  evidencing publication of the Notice of such public hearing is enclosed, along with Minutes of the hearing. 215  NORTH EOLA DRIVE 45 0  SOUTH ORANGE AVENUE, SUITE  800 ORLANDO, FLORIDA32801-2028 TEL: 407-843-4600 • FAX:407-843-4444• www.lowndes-law com ORLANDO, FLORIDA 32801-3344 217

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