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TUESDAY. OCTOBER 7. 2008 I CONSENT AGENDA (Continued) B. COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR 1. Approval  of  budget  transfers  #09-0468,  #090-0006,  #090-0007,  #090-0008, #090-0009, and #090-0010. (Office of Management and Budget) Page  10-20 2. Approval of CIP  amendment  #080-9234. (Office of Management and Budget) Page  21-22 3. Approval   to   award   Invitation   for   Bids  Y8-744-J2,   Stormwater    Pump    Station Generator  and Telemetry  Upgrades, to the low responsive and responsible  bidder, Eau  Gallie  Electric,  Inc. The  total contract award amount  is $379,245.83.   ([Public Works  Department   Roads  and  Drainage   Division]  Purchasing  and  Contracts Division) Page 23-25 4. Approval to award  Invitation for Bids Y8-1108-J2,  Term  Contract for Storm  Sewer Slip  Lining  Rehabilitation, to the  low responsive  and  responsible  bidder,   Reynolds Inliner,  LLC. The estimated contract award amount is $2,929,350  for a 1-year term. ([Public   Works   Department   Roads   and   Drainage    Division]  Purchasing   and Contracts Division) Page 26-29 5. Approval  to   award   Invitation  for   Bids  Y8-1109-J2,   Term   Contract   for   Small Construction  Services,  to  the   low  responsive  and   responsible  bidder,  Schuller Contractors,  Inc. The estimated contract  award  amount  is $1,040,230 for a  1-year term.  ([Public Works  Department  Roads and  Drainage  Division] Purchasing  and Contracts Division) Page 30-33 6. Approval to  award  Contracts for  Invitation for  Bids Y9-101-J2,  Term  Contract for Sidewalk   Repair   and  Replacement,   to  the  lowest  responsive  and  responsible bidder, A.L. Construction Enterprises,  LLC.  The  estimated  contract award amount i s  $1,549,200, for a  1-year  term.  ([Public Works  Department Roads  and Drainage Division] Purchasing and Contracts Division) Page 34-38 7. Approval  of  a  resolution  approving  the  issuance   of  Orange   County  Industrial Development   Authority  Revenue   Bonds  (Roman  Catholic   Diocese   of  Orlando Florida  Projects), Series  2008,  in an  aggregate  principal amount  not to  exceed $65,000,000.   (Orange   County   Industrial   Development   Authority)   Page 39-216 8. Approval of  a  resolution  approving the  issuance  by the  Orange  County  Health Facilities Authority of  its Hospital  Revenue  Bonds (Orlando  Health,  Inc.),  in one or more series and in an aggregate  principal amount  not to exceed $200,000,000 and  the  loan  of the  proceeds  thereof  to  Orlando  Health,  Inc.,  a  Florida  not-for- profit corporation. (Orange County Health Facilities Authority) Page 217-251 9. Approval  of:  a)  the  Economic  Development  Commission   of  Mid-Florida,   Inc., FY  2008-2009  Master  Agreement  with  Orange   County;  and  b)  the   Economic Development   Commission  of  Mid-Florida,  Inc.  FY  2008-2009  Agreement  with Orange   County  to   service   an   Industrial  Development    Authority.  (Office    of Economic, Trade, and Tourism) Page 252-303 CONTINUED Page 2

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