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TUESDAY, OCTOBER 4, 2016 I. CONSENT AGENDA (Continued) B. COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR (Continued) 3. Confirmation of the County Mayor's staff reappointments for the 4th Quarter FY 2015-2016. (Human Resources Division) Page 19-21 Carol A. Burkett, Director, Office Drug Free Community, Health Services Loretta E. Cunniff, Deputy Director, Community, Environmental and Development Services Sheena D. Ferguson, Manager, Business Development, Administrative Services Paulette V. Julien, Deputy Chief, Corrections Troy E. Layton, Manager, Utilities Field Services, Utilities Bryan D. Lucas, Manager, Fleet Management, Administrative Services Alex J. Morales, Manager, Fiscal & Operational Support, Fire Rescue Yulita M. Osuba, Deputy Director, Convention Center John L. Petrelli, Jr., Director, Risk Management & Professional Standards, Office of Accountability Ruby D. Rozier, Manager, Traffic Engineering, Public Works Richard F. Steiger Jr., Manager, Facilities Management, Administrative Services Kimberly B. Stewart-Horan, Division Chief Communications, Fire Rescue Michael J. Wajada, Division Chief, Fire Rescue 4. Approval and execution of A Resolution of the Board of County Commissioners of Orange County, Florida approving for the purposes of Section 147 (f) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, the issuance of Orange County Industrial Development Authority Revenue Note (Hope Charter School and· Legacy High School Project), Series 2016, in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed $6,000,000.00; and providing for an effective date. (Industrial Development Authority) Page 22-24 5. Approval to disburse payment for the Florida Association of Counties (FAC) membership fee totaling $118,234 as provided in the FY 2016-17 adopted budget. (Office of Management and Budget) Page 25-26 6. Approval to disburse payment for the East Central Florida Regional Planning Council (ECFRPC) annual assessment totaling $209,068 as provided in the FY 2016-17 adopted budget. (Office of Management and Budget) Page 27-28 7. Approval of budget amendments #16-60 and #16-61. (Office of Management and Budget) Page 29-31 8. Approval of budget transfers #16-000001446 and #16-000001462. (Office of Management and Budget) Page 32-34 9. Approval of CIP amendments #17C-001, #17C-002, #17C-003, #17C-004, #17C- 005, #17C-006, and #17C-007. (Office of Management and Budget) Page 35-42 CONTINUED Page 2 2

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