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DATE: TO: FROM: SUBJECT: CONTACT: September 19, 2016 Mayor Teresa Jacobs -AND- I. CONSENT AGENDA COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR 2 Memoranaum Board of County Commissioners ~ J. Ricardo Daye, Director, Human Resources Divi ยท' CONSENT AGENDA- October 4, 2016 Fiscal Year 2015-16 Increase for Employee ID#'s 112018, 112123, 122635, Samantha Maxwell, Sr. HR Analyst, (407) 836-5829 Reginald C Davis, HR Section Manager, (407) 836-5479 On August 2, 2016, the Florida State Lodge Fraternal Order of Police Lieutenants (FOP-Lt) bargaining unit agreement was approved by the Board of County Commissioners. On August 23, 2016, the FOP Charles Brookfield Lodge #86 (FOP) bargaining unit agreement was approved by the Board. Both contracts were for Fiscal Year 2015-16 wages and were retroactive to the first full pay period in October 2015. As a result of the retroactive approval dates for the above referenced bargaining unit agreements, three employees (ID #'s 112018, 112123, 122635) did not receive a Fiscal Year 2015-16 salary increase. Each of these employees were promoted from the FOP employee group to the FOP-Lt employee group in February 2016. Due to the timing of these employees' promotions and the date of the Board approval of the bargaining unit agreements, these employees failed to receive the 3.5% increase. These employees have filled critical positions within the Corrections Department and should not be penalized due to the timing of their promotions and the bargaining unit agreement approvals. Since the intent of the Board was to grant all employees a Fiscal Year 2015-16 increase of 3.5%, it is requested that these employees be granted the increase retroactive to October 11, 2015. Action Requested: Approval of a 3.5% Fiscal Year 2015-16 salary increase to employee ID#'s 112018, 112123, and 122635, retroactive to October 11, 2015. c: Ajit Lalchandani, County Administrator Eric Gassman, Chief Accountability Officer George Ralls, Deputy County Administrator Reginald C Davis, HR Section Manager 18 18


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