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CurorY GOVERNMENT F   L   O   R   I   D A Deputy  County Attorney Joel D. Prinsell Senior Assistant  County Attorneys Joseph L. Passiatore Robert D.  Guthrie Assistant  County Attorneys Roberta  Alfonso Linda Brehmer   Lanosa Henry  Brown Edward  Chew Richard Coaxum,  Jr. Anthony J.  Cotter Dana  Crosby P. Andrea DeLoach George L. Dorsett Allen Erickson Whitney E.  Evers Wanzo  Galloway, Jr . Tamara L.  Gappen Tara L. Gould Charles J. Hawkins, II Katherine M.  Lockett John P.  Lowndes Lila I.  McHenry Vivien J.  Monaco James A. Moreland Lynn P. Porter-Carlton Legal Administrative Supervisor Anna M. Caban Sr.  Paralegal John P. Dougherty Paralegals Kimberly  Cundiff Joann Darnell, CLA COUNTY ATTORN THOMAS B. DRAC 201 South Rosalind Avenue • Reply To: Post Office  Box 13! Orlando, Florida 32802-1393 407-836-7320 • Fax 407-836-5888 www.orangecountyfl .net I  CONSENT AGENDA COUNTY ATTORNEY 1 MEMORANDUM TO: THRU: FROM: RE: DATE: Richard T. Crotty, Orange County Mayor and Board of County  Commissioners Thomas B.Drage, Jr.,County Attorney  ""T^O "^ ~ Anthony J. Cotter, Assistant  County Attorney/^ (_wp ~~ Allen G. Erickson, Assistant County Attorney    /£<4-£^ BCC Agenda Item - October 3, 2006, BCC Meeting Ratification of Joint Stipulation between  the Parties Relating to Orlando Utilities Commission  Stanton Energy Center Unit B IGCC Project Power Plant Supplemental  Site Certification  Application No. PA 81-14SA3; DOAH Case No.  06-0735EPP September  21,2006 The purpose of this Memorandum is to ask the Board to ratify a Joint Stipulation signed by Assistant  County  Attorney  Anthony  Cotter  on  behalf  of  Orange  County  in  the  above- captioned matter pending before the Division of Administrative  Hearings.   Essentially,  by ratifying the Joint Stipulation, the Board ratifies County staff determination that there are no issues of fact or law in dispute with respect to Orlando Utilities Commission's  application t o  certify  Stanton Energy Center Unit B.  This certification of Unit B is more particularly described below. I n  February 2006,  Orlando  Utilities Commission  ("OUC")  submitted  its application  for Supplemental Site Certificationof theproposed Stanton Energy CenterUnit B IGCC Project. OUC is a co-applicant with Southern Power Company - Orlando Gasification, LLC ("SPC- OG").    SPC-OG,  a  subsidiary  of  Southern  Company  -  one  of  the  largest  producers  of electricity in the United States-, is a Delaware limited liability corporation.  OUC and SPC- OG  propose  to  construct,  own  and  operate  a  new  285  megawatt  ("MW")  integrated gasification combined-cycle ("IGCC")  power generation unit on the Stanton Energy Center ("SEC") property to be known as Unit B.  Unit B will convert coal to syngas and will use syngas and natural gas as  fuels. The SEC site consists of 3,280 acres located in eastern Orange County.  On December 15, 1982,  the  Governor  and  Cabinet  originally certified the  SEC  site  as  a power plant  site through the Florida Electrical Power Plant Siting Act for SEC Unit 1, a 465 MW coal unit, with  an  ultimate  site  generating  capacity  of  2000  MW  of  coal-fired  and  fuel   oil-fired generation.  Unit 1 began commercial operation in June of 1987. 58

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