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RICHARD  T.   CROTTY MAYOR I .  CONSENT AGENDA COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR 4 201  SOU III  KOSAUND  AVENUL.   I'.U.     bo x    KW3.   OliLAMX)   PL 32801 DATE: September 11, 2006 TO: The Board of County  Commissioners FROM: Mayor Richard T. Crotty RE: Confirmation of County Mayor's Staff  Reappointments 1.   Confirmation  of the County Mayor's Staff Reappointments  for the 4th Quarter (July - September)  FY 2005-2006: Name: Title: Division: Department: Hire  Date: Date Assigned to Current  Position: July 10, 1995 Thomas P. Breaud Manager Mosquito  Control Health & Family  Services July 10, 1995 Name: Title: Division: Hire  Date: Date Assigned  to Current  Position: July 19, 2005 Carol Ann Burkett Director Anti-Drug  Coalition January 3, 2000 Name: Title: Division: Department: Hire Date: Date Assigned to Current Position: August  10, 1998 Roger D. Cain Manager Development  Engineering Public Works August 10, 1998

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