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TUESDAY, OCTOBER 3. 2006 I .   CONSENT AGENDA  (Continued) C. COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR 1. Approval of budget amendments 06-82 and 06-83. (Office of Management  and Budget) Page 22-24 2. Approval    of    budget    transfers    06-1807,    07C-9001,    07C-9002,    07C-9003, 07C-9005,  07C-9007,  07C-9008,   07C-9009,  07C-9010,  07C-9011,  07C-9012, 07C-9013, and 07C-9019. (Office of Management  and Budget) Page 25-38 3. Approval   of   CIP    amendments   07C-9001,   07C-9002,   07C-9003,   07C-9005, 07C-9007,  07C-9008,   07C-9009,  07C-9010,  07C-9011,  07C-9012,  07C-9013, and 07C-9019. (Office of Management and Budget) Page 39-51 4. Confirmation  of the County Mayor's staff reappointments for the 4th quarter (July- September)  FY 2005-2006. (Human Resources Division) Page 52-55 Thomas P. Breaud, Manager, Mosquito Control, Health & Family Services Carol Ann Burkett, Director, Anti-Drug Coalition,  Public Safety Roger D. Cain, Manager, Development  Engineering,  Public Works Jerry L. Demings, Director, Office of Public Safety, Public Safety Thomas B. Drage, Jr., County Attorney, County Administration Eric D. Gassman, Director of Fiscal Management, County  Administration Larry A. Jones, Director,  Health & Family Services Troy Edward Layton, Manager, Utilities  Construction,  Utilities Donna M. Loyko, Manager, Health Services, Health & Family Services Barry H. Luke, Division Chief, Communications,  Fire Rescue Thomas J. Lyon, Division Chief, Operations, Fire Rescue John Louis Petrelli Jr., Manager, Risk Management, County Administration William  H.  Potter,  Jr.,  Manager,  Parks  &  Recreation,  Community  &  Environmental Services Ruby Rozier, Manager, Traffic Engineering, Public Works Sara K. Van Arsdel, Manager, Historical  Museum, Health & Family Services Michael A. Walker, Manager, Information Services, Convention  Center 5. Approval   of  County  observed   Holidays  for  the  2007   calendar   year.   (Human Resources Division)  Page 56-57 D. COUNTY ATTORNEY 1. Ratification of the Stipulation for Final Resolution of All Issues between County and Orlando  Utilities  Commission  regarding the  OUC  Curtis  H.  Stanton  Energy Center Unit B, IGCC Project Power Plant Siting Application. Page 58-60 CONTINUED Page 2

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