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RICHARD   T.    CROTTY MAYOR I .  CONSENT  AGENDA COUNTY MAYOR'S REPORT TELEPHONE  407-836-7370 FAX 407-836-7360 201  SOUTH   ROSALIND  AVENUE. P.O. Box   1393.  ORLANDO  FL    32801 September 26, 2006 TO: Board of County Commissioners FROM: Mayor Richard T. Crotty SUBJECT: Management Appointments I t  is my pleasure to inform you of the promotion of two of our internal  staff to fill key management  positions  in our Fire  Rescue Department.   The effective date  of  the  appointments   will  be  October  9,  2006.    These  individuals  are outstanding  additions  to our management staff and each brings unique skills and experience to their new role. Fire Rescue Department Division Chief, Fire Rescue -  Michael G.Brandt I  have selected Acting Division Chief  Michael  G. Brandt to fill the position of Division  Chief  of  Training.    Chief  Brandt  has been filling this  position since May, 2006.   Chief Brandt is a 28-year veteran of Orange County Fire Rescue and has held several positions during that time, including Emergency Medical Services Coordinator, for where he was responsible for re-certification efforts, continuous  quality  improvement  and  compliance  issues.   Chief  Brandt also served in the Operations  Division  as a Battalion  Chief, as well as an Assistant Chief.     In  this   position,   he  was  the  highest  ranking  shift  officer  and  was responsible for over 250 personnel during the 24-hour shift.  Chief Brandt has earned  both  a  Bachelor   of  Arts  Degree  in  Business  Administration   and a Master of Arts from Florida Christian University.   He is a Florida state-certified firefighter   and   paramedic. In   this   new   position,   Chief   Brandt   will   be responsible   for   the  training  of  all  field   personnel   concerning  firefighting, emergency medical  services and other emergency service functions  such as vehicle   extrication   and   special   operations. Chief   Brandt   has   done   an outstanding job in planning and directing the activities of this  division. The starting annual salary for Division Chief Brandt will be $104,000.

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