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TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 2013 I. CONSENT AGENDA (Continued) B. COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR (Continued) 1. Confirmation of the County Mayor's Staff Reappointments for the 3 rd and 4th Quarters (April - September) FY 2012-2013. (Continued) (Human Resources Division) Page 80-85 David Lee Roussel, Manager, Fleet Management, Administrative Services Ruby Rozier, Manager, Traffic Engineering, Public Works Jaime Andres Salcedo, Manager, Engineering, Utilities Kris S. Shoemaker, Manager, Fiscal and Operational Support, Convention Center Jacqueline W. Torbert, Manager, Water Operations, Utilities Michael J. Wajda, Division Chief, Fire Training, Fire Rescue Tyra L. Witsell, Manager, Citizens Commission for Children, Family Services 2. Approval of Florida State Lodge Fraternal Order of Police - Lieutenants Collective Bargaining Agreement for Fiscal Years 2013-2014 through 2015-2016. (Human Resources Division) Page 86 3. Approval of Fiscal Year 2013-14 Service Funding Agreements between Orange County, Florida and the Seniors First, Inc. ($95,418) the Orange County Bar Association, Inc. ($100,224), and the Legal Aid Society of the Orange County Bar Association, Inc. ($722,954). (Office of Management and Budget) Page 87-103 4. Approval of budget transfer #13-1479. (Office of Management and Budget) Page 104-105 C. ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES DEPARTMENT 1. Approval of Change Order No.1, Contract No. Y12-7027RM, with General Mechanical Corporation in the amount of $88,381.40, for the Orange County Corrections Booking and Release Center 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Floors HVAC, Building Automation System and Fire System Retrofit. The revised lump sum contract amount will be $971,681.40. (Capital Projects Division) Page 106-109 2. Approval of Change Order No.2, Contract No. Y12-725EZ to Pipeline Mechanical, Inc., in the amount of $85,313.80, for the Public Works Buildings 1, 2 & 7 Smoke Dampers Replacement project. The revised lump sum contract amount will be $627,760.87. (Capital Projects Division) Page 110-112 3. Approval to award Invitation for Bids Y13-1018-EZ, Term Contract for County Wide Demolition, to the low responsive and responsible bidder, Sunrise Systems of Brevard, Inc. The estimated annual basic year contract award amount for Lot 1 is $197,765.50 and for Lot 2 is $574,716 for a 1-year term. ([Administrative Services Department Real Estate Division] Purchasing and Contracts Division) Page 113-118 CONTINUED Page 3

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