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TUESDAY. SEPTEMBER 18. 2007 I CONSENT AGENDA  (Continued) C. COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR (Continued) 3. Confirmation of the County Mayor's staff reappointments for the 4th quarter (July- September)  FY 2006-2007. (Human Resources Division) Page 32-35 Thomas P. Breaud, Manager, Mosquito Control, Health & Family Services Carol Ann Burkett, Director, Office for a Drug Free Community, Public Safety Larry A. Jones, Director, Health & Family  Services Troy Edward Layton, Manager, Utilities Construction, Utilities Donna M. Loyko, Manager, Health Services, Health & Family Services Barry H. Luke, Division Chief, Communications,  Fire Rescue Thomas J. Lyon, Division Chief, Operations, Fire Rescue Sydney  A.  McCallister,  Manager,  Youth  &  Family  Services,  Health  &  Family Services John Louis Petrelli Jr., Manager, Risk Management, County  Administration David Lee Roussel, Manager, Fleet  Management Ruby Rozier, Manager, Traffic Engineering,  Public Works Sara K. Van Arsdel, Manager, Historical Museum, Health & Family Services Michael A. Walker, Manager, Information Services, Convention Center 4. Approval to award Invitation for Bids Y7-648-PD,  Utility Bodies with Cranes, Lot 2, t o    the   low   responsive   and   responsible   bidder,   Stamm   Manufacturing.    The estimated  contract award  amount  is $229,936.  ([Water  Division] Purchasing  and Contracts Division) Page 36-37 5. Approval  to  award  Invitation  for  Bids  Y7-1080-JS,   Fire  Rescue   and  Hazmat Supplies  and Equipment, to the low responsive and responsible bidders, as follows i n an estimated 3-year contract amount: Bidder 3-vea r Contract Amount Fisher Scientific Company, L.L.C. $4,592,000 Elite Fire and Safety Equipment, Inc. $1,552,000 Hall-Mark Fire Apparatus $    984,500 Ten-8 Fire Equipment, Inc. $    278,500 Anclote Fire and Safety $    255.500 Total $7,677,00 0 ([Fire Rescue Department] Purchasing and Contracts Division) Page 38-40 6. Approval to award  Invitation for  Bids Y7-782-PH,  Eastern  Regional Water Supply FaciNty  Phase  2B  Valve  Insertion,  to  the  low responsive  and  responsible  bidder, Prime  Construction Group,  Inc.  The  total  contract  award  amount  is  $199,500. ([Utilities Engineering Division] Purchasing and Contracts Division) Page 41-43 7. Approval to award  Invitation for Bids Y7-783-PH, South Water Reclamation Facility Influent  and  Pretreatment  Structure  Rehabilitation,  to  the  single  responsive  and responsible   bidder,   Prime  Construction   Group,   Inc.  The   total   contract   award amount is $1,684,000. ([Utilities Engineering  Division] Purchasing and  Contracts Division) Page 44-45 CONTINUED Page 2

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