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Managerial  Appointments September 7, 2007 Page 2 of 3 Corrections Department Manager, Human Resources/Fiscal Division- Eileen Bensen Ms. Eileen Bensen comes to us from the City of Findlay, Ohio where she served as the Safety/Administrative  Services Director for  more than three years. In that position  she was the administrative  head of the police  and fire departments and oversaw  all  Human   Resources   functions   including  discipline,  labor   relations, promotions,  and  more.  She  implemented the  City's  first  Employee  Assistance and Transitional Work Programs. She also served as the in-house Labor Counsel since  she  has  been  licensed  to  practice  law  in the  State  of  Ohio  since 1994. Among  her  accomplishments,   she  re-wrote  all  the  City's job  descriptions  and served   as  the   Chair   on   the   Traffic   Commission   and   the   Citywide  Safety Committee. Ms.  Benson was also  previously  the  Human Resources  Director  for  the  City of Vero  Beach  and  she  held  various  roles for  the  Lucas  County  Sheriff's  Office where  she  was  employed  for  28  years  until   she  retired   as  Captain  of  the Professional  Standards  Section  after  rising  through  the  uniformed  ranks. She holds Juris  Doctorate and  Bachelor  of  Science  degrees  from  the  University  of Toledo. Ms.  Bensen will  begin  her  new role  on  October  15, 2007 at  a  starting annual salary of   $84,240. Health and Family Services Department Manager, Community Action Division -  Karl Anderson Mr.  Anderson  has  over  25  years  of  experience  in  working  with  children  and families,  19 of those years  in our own  Health and Family  Services Department. Mr. Anderson joined  Orange  County Government  in  1988 as a Youth Resident Program Worker. He was later promoted to the position of Youth Care Supervisor and then to Senior Youth Care Supervisor. For the past eight years he has been the   Senior   Program   Manager   where   he   oversees   various   social   service programs.  In this time  period,  Mr. Anderson has been responsible for  providing strategic  leadership  to the activities  of social services programs in excess of six million dollars that provide services to children and their families.  Mr. Anderson's responsibilities   include   oversight   and   management   of   five   Family   Service Programs  and  supervision  of  47  staff  within  the  Youth  and  Family  Services Division.

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