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Interoffice I CONSENT AGENDA COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR 4 AGL .. ^ ITEM GOVERNMENT FLORIDA August 25, 2003 TO FROM SUBJECT Richard T Crotty, County Chairman Board of County Commissioners Randy Singh, Manager, 0MB j^_^ Consent Agenda Item for September 16, 2003 Law Enforcement Trust Fund Expenditure Sheriff's Office Request The Orange County Shenffs Office is requesting to spend $29,110 from the Law Enforcement Trust Fund for the following purpose Equipment Stalker Radar and Lidar (laser) units - $29,110 These radar and lidar units will be an upgrade of speed measunng devices that are currently being used in our traffic enforcement programs (high profile complaints, school zone enforcement, DUI detection, etc) These upgrades are necessary in that the addition of these nine units, as well as rotating the older units to patrol, will enhance the capabilities of the traffic enforcement unit and put less stress on the older radar units by not using them every day. Action request- Note: Approval for the Sheriff's Office to spend $29,110 from the Law Enforcement Trust Fund to purchase equipment for the Orange County Sheriff's Office. The Board voted to establish spending limits of 20% for this fund for contributions. At this point in the year, contributions represent 20% of the total expenditures; however, the restriction applies to total expenditures for the year, at year-end. The Sheriff's Office has stated that they monitor their expenditures, and that they will not exceed the 20% total for contributions. RS/mc Attachments C Brad Hurd, Sheriff's Comptroller Sharon Donoghue, Deputy County Administrator Enc Gassman, Director of Fiscal Management 26

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