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I. CONSENT AGENDA COUNTY MAYOR ORANGE COUNTY MAYOR 1 TERESA JACOBS ~-- P.O. Box 1393,201 SOUTH ROSALIND ••. _•.v_, ~.. _ .... ~~" ~ "_uv~ .~/~ PHONE: 407-836-7370 • FAX: 407-836-7360 • Mayol' September I, 2015 TO: Board of County Commissioners FROM: Mayor Teresa Jaco~~ SUBJECT: Managerial APPointmentsU· Consent Agenda Item September 15, 2015 It is my pleasure to present the following appointments to three managerial positions. These individuals will all be outstanding additions to our management staff and each one brings unique skills and experiences to their new roles. Administrative Services Department Ms. Sheena Ferguson/or the A4anager a/the Business Development Division In May 2015, Sheena Ferguson was appointed to serve as the Acting Manager of Business Development. Since that time, Ms. Ferguson has done an outstanding job managing the Division. Prior to assumitig the acting manager role, Ms. Ferguson served in the Business Development Division for approximately 18 years. She started her career with Orange County as a Senior Contract Administrator and was later promoted to Business Development Administrator. In this role, she oversaw the operation of contract compliance, construction, professional services, goods and services. She also served as the Division's Disadvantage Business Enterprise liaison for all Florida Department of Transportation Federal stimulus projects. Ms. Ferguson is a graduate of the University of Vermont with a Master of Science degree in Statistics and Bethune-Cookman College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics. Her appointment is effective immediately with an annual salary of $83,254. Her resume is attached for your review. Fire Rescue Department Ms. Kimberly Stewart-Horan/or Division Chiefa/Communications Ms. Stewart-Horan has served in the Fire Rescue Department for almost 26 years. She began her career with Orange County as a Dispatcher/9-1-1 Operator, promoted to Dispatcher IIIAssistant Supervisor, Quality Assurance Manager and then to her current role as the Communications Center Administrator. Since March 2014, she has supervised the operations of the Conullunication Center, developing, implementing and monitoring management information systems. She has also provided management oversight of the computer aided dispatch system that routes emergency responders. 16


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