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TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 2016 I. CONSENT AGENDA (Continued) C. COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR 1. Approval of the Membership and Mission Review Board's recommendations for the following advisory board appointments and reappointments: (Agenda Development Office) Page 245 A. Community Development Advisory Board: Reappointment of Nathaniel Jenkins in the District 2 representative category; the appointment of Pastor Scott A. Brown to succeed Pablo Marquez in the District 4 representative category; and the appointment of Glenton Gilzean to succeed Roberta Walton in the District 6 representative category with terms expiring June 30, 2018. Page 246-247 B. Orange County Research and Development Authority: Reappointment of David L. Brewer and Eduardo Rubiera in the at large representative category with terms expiring August 24, 2020. Page 248-249 C. Sustainability Advisory Board: Reappointment of Dr. Bridget M. Williams in the education representative category, Melvin Pittman in the neighborhood improvement related organization or activities leadership representative category, Paul T. Boroughs in the urban planning or transportation planning representative category, Byron Knibbs in the environmental protection, natural resources management, or sustainability practices representative category, and John M. Martinez in the at large representative category with terms ending June 30, 2018. Page 250-251 2. Approval and execution of lnterlocal Agreement between Orange County, Florida, Orange County Clerk of the Courts, and the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court regarding funding of Jury Services in the amount of $356,220. (Office of Management and Budget) Page 252-258 3. Approval to pay the first quarter billing for the Orange County Property Appraiser in the amount of $2,980,559.25. (Office of Management and Budget) Page 259-260 4. Approval to advance $2,560,558 to the Orange County Tax Collector on October 1, 2016. This advance is necessary to maintain the financial operation of the office during the month of October 2016. (Office of Management and Budget) Page 261 5. Approval to make monthly draws to the Orange County Supervisor of Elections as follows: For October 2016, the amount of $2,302,364; November 2016 through August 2017 in equal amounts of $627,917; and September 2017, the amount of $627,922. (Office of Management and Budget) Page 262 CONTINUED Page 2 2

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