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Management Appointments Consent Agenda- September 13,2016 Page 2 Mr. Williams holds a Bachelor's of Science degree in Civil Engineering fi·om the University of the West Indies, Trinidad, West Indies and is a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Florida. Mr. Williams will begin his new role as the Manager, Public Works Engineering at a starting annual salary of$113,630.40. His resume is attached for your reference. Health Se1·viees Department Mr. John Goodrich for the Manager, Fiscal & Operational Support Division Mr. Goodrich is currently the Assistant to the Director for the Health Services Department. In this role, he manages all fiscal operations and has taken direct responsibility for the Ryan White Part A funding program for indigent patients suffering from HIV. He began his career with Orange County in 2005 as a Fiscal Coordinator with the Health & Family Services Department. He quickly promoted to positions with greater financial responsibility such as Fiscal & Administrative Coordinator, Financial Advisor and Financial Administrator. Mr. Goodrich holds a Masters of Business Administration degree from the Florida Gulf Coast University, Fort Myers and a Bachelor's degree in Finance from the University of Central Florida. Mr. Goodrich will begin his new role as the Manager, Fiscal & Operational Support, Health Services Department at an annual slatting salary of $92,248. His resume is attached for your reference. M1·. Kelly Deut.1-ch .fiJI' the Manager, lffosquito Control Ms. Deutsch is serving as the Mosquito Control Acting Manager since January 2016. Initially, she was hired by Orange County as the Mosquito Control Assistant Manager in 2015. She has done an exceptional job and has been instrumental in the County's response to the Zika virus. She has coordinated the response to over 450 suspect travel associated cases as well as 60 confirmed cases. Prior to joining Orange County, Ms. Deutsch was the Principle Environmental Scientist/Program Manager for Seminole County Mosquito Control and served with the Metropolitan Mosquito Control District, St. Paul, Minnesota. Ms. Deutsch holds a Bachelor's degree in Natural Science from the College of St. Benedict, St. Joseph, Minnesota and holds multiple certificatioi1s in this field. Ms. Deutsch will begin her new role as the Manager, Mosquito Control at an annual slatting salary of $77,001.60. Her resume is attached for your reference. Family Services Department Ms. 0. Dianne Amold.for the Manager, Citizen Resource & Outreach Division Ms. Arnold has recently served as the Health & Family Services Administrator for the Citizen Resource & Outreach Office. Due to the size and scope of this operation, this office is becoming a Division. 19 19


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