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ORANGE COUNTY MAYOR TERESA JACOBS I. CONSENT AGENDA COUNTY MAYOR 1 P.O. Box 1393, 201 SouTH RosAUNu r;.vr,Nu.~>, ut<>\Jr uy,) PHONE: 407-836-7370 .. FAx: 407-836-7360 " August 31,2016 TO: Board of County Commissioners FROM: SUBJECT: Management Appointments Consent Agenda- September 13,2016 1 am pleased to present the following managerial appointments for confirmation. These individuals will be outstanding additions to our management staff and each brings unique skills and experiences to their new role. Conventions Center Mr. Kristopher Shoemaker for the Deputy Director, Convention Center Mr. Shoemaker has worked for the Orange County Convention Center since 1985, and has assumed increasingly responsible positions during his career. He is currently the Acting Deputy Director, a role he assumed in February 2016. Previously, he served as the Manager, Fiscal and Operational Suppm1 Division where he was responsible for overseeing all aspects of financial administration, including budgeting, contract administration, lease administration and information technology functions. Mr. Shoemaker graduated fiĀ·om the University of Central Florida with a Masters of Business Administration degree and a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. He also holds numerous cet1ifications in accounting and technology. Mr. Shoemaker will begin his new role as the Deputy Director, Convention Center at annual stat1ing salary of $126,443.20. His resume is attached for your reference. Public Works Department Mr. Raymond Williams for the Manager, Engineering Division Mr. Williams began his career with Orange County in 2005 as an Engineer II. He quickly progressed to Engineer JJJ, Senior Engineer and Chief Engineer. He has been serving as the Acting Manager for the Public Works' Engineering Division since April 2016. In his current role, he has developed and implemented the Public Work's five year Capital Improvement Program, including the INVEST in our Home for Life program. Prior lo joining Orange County, Mr. Williams held responsible engineering positions both in the United States and Jamaica, West Indies. Mr. Williams comes to the Manager's role with an extensive engineering background. 18 18


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