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Interoffice Memorand1 I. CONSENT AGENDA COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR 3 August 28, 2017 TO: FROM: SUBJECT: Mayor Teresa Jacobs -AND- Jjard~.f-County Commissioners JtRic~~~Director Consent Agenda Item - September 12, 2017 Fiscal Year 2017- 2018 Non-Bargaining Pay Plan Structure Adjustments, Salary Increase Implementation Plan and Personal Leave Sell Program A. Fiscal Year-2018 Non-Bargaining Pay Plan Structure Adjustments The Human Resources Division has researched pay structure adjustment trends in preparation for the upcoming fiscal year. Recent research indicates that for 2018, nationally, employers will adjust their salary structure for all employee groups on an average 2%. As the labor market improves, Orange County must remain competitive in order to attract qualified talent. Staff recommends that: The minimum and maximum rate of all Regular Employee Pay Plan, Administrative Pay Plan and the Mayor/Board of County Commissioners pay ranges be increased by 2%. B. Fiscal Year 2017-2018 Non-Bargaining Salary Increase Implementation Plan This year's budget proposal contained a 3.5% salary increase for all regular, non-bargaining employees. Staff recommends the following implementation: I.Employees who are meeting their performance standards will receive a 3.5% salary increase as an adjustment to their base salary or base salary plus lump sum. 2.Employees who are less than 3 .5% away from the adjusted maximum of their pay range will receive an increase to their base salary (minimum of 2% increase) up to the maximum of their pay range and the remainder as a lump sum. 3.Employees currently over the maximum of their pay range will receive a 2% increase to their base salary and the remainder as a 1 ump sum. 4.The salary increases will be effective on October 8, 2017 for employees who have completed their probation and are not on a trainee status. 32


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