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MISSION 1. CONSENT AGENDA COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR 2-C COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT ADVISORY BOARD MMRB Liaison: Paul Seago, (407) 222-7796 To conduct studies, hold hearings, and make recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners regarding the Federal Housing Community Development Act of 1974 and subsequent federal regulation. STATUS OF VACANCIES There is one vacancy on this seven-member board in the District 4 representative category due to the resignation of Pastor Scott A. Brown. The terms of Esther M. Whitehead and John M. Crossman have expired. THE MMRB RECOMMENDS: Consideration of the appointment Pastor James T. Morris to succeed Esther M. Whitehead in the District 1 representative category with a term expiring June 30, 2019. APPLICANT OCCUPATION RACE ETHN GEN DIST Pastor James T. Morris Carter Tabernacle B NH M 1 Christian Methodist Episcopal Church/Senior Pastor SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS: Pastor James T. Morris: Pastor Morris is the senior pastor at Carter Tabernacle Christian Methodist Episcopal Church. He received his bachelor's degree from Murray State University and a master's degree in Religious Education from Ashford University. Pastor Morris was ordained as an elder from the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church and formerly served in the Missouri legislature as a state representative. He is a member of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. and Prison Reform US. 24


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