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i.Td iPI »Ti Orange County Government Board of County Commissioners 201 South Rosalind Avenue County Commission Chambers 1st Floor County Administration Center TUESDAY. SEPTEMBER 9. 2003 MEETING STARTS AT 9:00 a.m. Invocation - District 5 Pledge of Allegiance Presentation of Proclamation designating the month of September, 2003 as National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month I. CONSENT AGENDA A. COUNTY COMPTROLLER 1 Approval to pay Clerk of Courts' invoice in the total amount of $326,004 56 for services rendered during the month of July 2003 (Administrative/Fiscal) Page 15 2 Approval of the minutes of the August 5, 2003, meeting of the Board of County Commissioners (Clerk's Office) Page 15 B. COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR 1. Approval of the Interiocal Agreement between Orange County and the City of Maitland that provides for a one-time payment of $192,567 to the City of Maitland as reimbursement of revenues collected in the annexed area of Dommench Hills during 2003 and authorization for the Orange County Chairman to execute the agreement (Office of Management and Budget) Page 16-19 2 Acceptance of the Grant Renewal Agreement for the Pay Up Program Grant between Orange County and the State of Florida Department of Juvenile Justice for support of the second year Pay Up Program in the amount of $56,802 (Office of Management and Budget) Page 20-25 3. Approval of budget amendments 03-53 and 03-83 (Office of Management and Budget) Page 26-28 CONTINUED

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