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TUESDAY, AUGUST 30, 2011 I. CONSENT AGENDA (Continued) A. COUNTY COMPTROLLER (Continued) 3. Disposition of Tangible Personal Property as follows: (Property Accounting) Page 14,28-29 a. Scrap Assets. b. Dispose of an asset that was returned to the vendor for a refund less a restocking fee. c. Transfer assets to the Orange County Sheriffs Office. d. Trade in assets for an allowance towards the purchase of new equipment. 4. Approval to make monthly draws to the Supervisor of Elections for fiscal year 2011-12 as follows: October 1, 2011 - $2,542,033.77 plus the amount of $16,707.10 which represents matching funds for the Federal Election activities fund; November 2011 through September 2012, equal payments of $693,281.93. (Finance/Accounting) Page 14 5. Approval to advance to the Tax Collector commissions in the amount of $1,931,637. This advance is necessary to maintain the financial operation of the office during the month of October 2011. (Finance/Accounting) Page 14 6. Approval to make monthly draws to the Sheriff as follows: Draw schedule: for October 2011, the amount of $16,278,185, November and December 2011, equal amounts of $14,918,460, for January 2012, the amount of $29,836,923, February 2012 through July 2012, equal amounts of $14,918,460, and August, the amount of $14,918,470. (Financel Accounting) Page 14 B. COUNTY TAX COLLECTOR 1. Approval of the extension of the tax roll prior to the completion of the Value Adjustment Board hearings. Page 30 C. COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR 1. Receipt and filing of the minutes received by the Agenda Development Office of various advisory board meetings. (Agenda Development Office) Page 31-32 2. Approval to disburse $150,000 to the Orange Blossom Trail Development Board by October 7, 2011 for administration in order to maintain normal operations for the first quarter of fiscal year 2011-12. (Office of Management and Budget) Page 33 3. Approval for staff to reimburse expenditures throughout FY 2011-12 for the Orange Blossom Trail Safe Neighborhood Improvement District up to the approved budget amount of $125,000. (Office of Management and Budget) Page 34 CONTINUED Page 2

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