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Interoffice Memorar GOVERNMENT P I. 0 R D A I. CONSENT AGENDA COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR 3 WL^A ITEM August 11, 2003 TO: FROM: SUBJECT: CONTACT: PHONE: Richard T. Crotty, County Chairman Board of County Commissioners Randy Singh, Manager, 0MB ^^^^^^__ lust 26,2003 U U Consent Agenda Item for August 26, 2003 Orange Blossom Trail Safe Neighborhood Improvement District Detail Spending Plan FY 2003-04 Binh Nguyen, Management and Budget Analyst, 0MB 407/836-7390 On January 13, 1999, Orange County created the Orange County Safe Neighborhood Crime Prevention Fund (Fund 1243) by ordinance #98-01. This fund generates revenue from the imposition of fines collected from area arrests, and designated Neighborhood Improvement Districts may use those funds for crime prevention programs in Orange County. Section 7 of the ordinance allocates the first $125,000 to the Orange Blossom Trail Local Government Neighborhood Improvement District (O.B.T.N.I.D.). The Safe Neighborhood Council is currently requesting approval of the attached budget detail and spending plan for FY 2003-04, totaling $125,000. The attached budget plan provides additional detail and description. ACTION REQUESTED: Approval of the $125,000 budget detail and spending plan of the Orange Blossom Trail Safe Neighborhood Improvement District as attached. AND Approval for staff to reimburse expenditures throughout the year for the Orange Blossom Trail Safe Neighborhood Improvement District for FY 2003-2004 up to the approved budget amount in accordance with the attached expenditure detail. NOTE TO THE CLERK: Please return one approved copy of this memo to 0MB and forward the original to Finance. RS/mc Attachment C: County Administrator Clerks/Board of County Commissioners Grants Finance File 9

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