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Interoffice Menu i. CONSENT AGENDA ^T^1*1^^ ITEM COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR Ul,B^L-'--\ B Q E.IVI COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR Ulufi^-. 2 August 11, 2003 TO: Richard T. Crotty, County Chairman Board of County Commissioners FROM: Randy Singh, Manager, 0MB ^^,^^^f(^-y<r^^, SUBJECT: Consent Agenda Item for August 26, 2003 Law Enforcement Impact Fee Funds CONTACT: Ernest Moody, Sr. Management & Budget Analyst, 0MB PHONE: 407/836-7390 The Orange County Sheriff's Office is requesting an expenditure of $235,901 from Law Enforcement Impact Fees to fund the Tiburon Records Management System enhancements as detailed in the attached request. The original Tiburon system was fully funded from impact fees in 1998 and further upgraded in 2001. The Sheriff's Office proposes further enhancements to the Records Management System in the Human Resources, Legal Services, Professional Standards, Research and Development and Training, and Accreditation areas through the installation of the eiStream document imaging system. This extension of capability will allow the Sheriff's Office to electronically store personnel, training, legal and administrative investigation documents through document imaging. Records related to personnel are required by statute to be retained for fifty years. As records become more detailed and complex, their storage and retrieval becomes more critical. ACTION REQUESTED: Approval to spend $235,901 from the Law Enforcement Impact Fee fund for enhancements to the Tiburon Records Management System as detailed in the attached request. NOTE TO THE CLERK: Please return one approved copy of this memo to 0MB and the Sheriff's Office. RS/mc Attachments C: Brad Hurd, Sheriff's Comptroller Sharon Donoghue, Deputy County Administrator Eric Gassman, Director of Fiscal Management 21

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